Cross Current Divers

Cross Current Divers

Meet Our Staff

Kelly Wright, CEO and Master Instructor

Kelly Wright, CEO and Owner

Kelly took her initial PADI Pro training in Sidney BC in 1992 where she was certified as a PADI Openwater Instructor. She went on to continue her PADI Pro development, ultimately becoming a PADI Master Instructor in 2005. Kelly's passion for diving and introducing others to the sport prompted her to open Cross Current Divers in 1996.

As the founder and owner of Cross Current Divers, she has trained thousands of students while maintaining a 100% safety record. Under Kelly's leadership, Cross Current Divers continues to be a fun and active PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center, instructing and mentoring students from the PADI Bubblemaker level on into their PADI Instructor level certifications. Cross Current's team of Instructors collectively have the most teaching in all of Canada.

Rob Pugh, Course Director Tech Instructor Trainer

Rob Pugh, PADI Course Director

Rob Pugh works with Cross Current Divers as their PADI Course Director. He brings many years of experience as a diver, instructor, and previous dive shop owner. Rob started diving in 1974, has been an active instructor since 1978, and has been certified as a PADI Course Director since 1992.

Rob is qualified as a PADI Tec Deep Instructor Trainer, DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Trainer, a DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer, and a DAN Instructor Trainer. He has also been a business consultant for dive centers in Canada, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Honduras and the Mediterranean.

Not only is Rob an accomplished Instructor Trainer, he is an avid diver with interests in cave diving, rebreathers, wreck diving, deep diving, and recreational diving.

Rob is always eager to pass on his knowledge. So do not hesitate; to email, call, or come into the store and ask any question you may have.

Our PADI Instructors

Phil Smith Phil Smith
Dr. Greg Stewart Dr. Greg Stewart
Ryan Taylor Ryan Taylor
Justin Hartmann Justin Hartmann
Gord McDonald Gord McDonald
Greg Shewfelt Greg Shewfelt

Our PADI Assistant Instructors

Anne Nichol Anne Nichol
Bob Darcy Bob Darcy
Bruce Reid Bruce Ried
Rick Thibert Rick Tibert
Dan McFadden Dano
Paul Hill Paul Hill
Dr. Carolynne Cuylle Bob Darcy
Jeremy Ingleton Jeremy Ingleton
John Mooney John Mooney
Rob Bennington Rob Bennington
Roman Andruch Roman Andruch
Andre Denys Andre Denys
Bruce McPhee Bruce McPhee
Gerhard Ritzema Gerhard Ritzema
Tim Boston Tim Boston, scouter Tim
Steve Robinson Steve Robinson - Dive Master Candidate
James Harvey James Harvey
Tamica McBride Tamica McBride - Dive Master Candidate
Perry Klein Perry Klein

Our PADI Dive Masters

Ian Mahoney Ian Mahoney
Karen Allgrove Karen Allgrove
Mark Delaurier Mark Delaurier
Tyler Bowie Tyler Bowie
Drew Climie Drew Climie
Mike McBride Mike McBride - Dive Master Candidate
Nicole VandenHeuvel Nicole VandenHeuvel
Mike Waters Mike Waters Dive Master Candidate
Ed Senez Ed Senez
Paul Nincevic Paul Nincevic
Jess McDonald Jess McDonald
Wade McDonald Wade McDonald
Nord Mensah Nord Mensah
Brent L'Heureux Brent L'Heureux