Cross Current Divers

Cross Current Divers

Equipment Service

We are a full service dive shop servicing all brands of scuba diving equipment we carry and many more. Brands include:

    Aqua Lung
    Dive Rite

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the brands or type of service we offer.

Service Pricing

Visual Tank Inspection $25.00 Air fill included
Air Fills $8.00
Nitrox Fill (up to 40%) $15.00
Helium $1.40/cft
Hydro $50.00
Tank O2 Clean $25.00
O2 Visual on Doubles $60.00 Air fill and setup included
Reg Set Service $65.00 plus parts
Neck Seal $50.00 plus parts
Wrist Seal $35.00 plus parts
BCD Service $20.00 plus parts
Shop Labour Rate $30.00/hr

Cross Current Divers Equipment Rentals