Cross Current Divers

Cross Current Divers

Equipment Rentals

Our rental scuba gear is all new. We rent 2012 Aqua Lung Tita LX and Pro LT BCDs, 2012 Bare wetsuits, Bare hoods, and Akona Gloves.

Please note that there will be a $10 cleaning fee charged on wetsuits that do not come back clean and dry.

Cross Current Divers Equipment Rentals

Weekend Equipment Rentals

Weekend equipment rentals are from Friday evening till the following Tuesday morning.

  • BCD $20.00
  • Regulator with gauges $25.00
  • Regulator and BCD package $40.00
  • Dive computer $40.00
  • Wetsuit, gloves, hood $25.00
  • Tank $15.00
  • Underwater Light (batteries not included) $11.00

  • Package Rates

    The full gear package rates include regulator, BCD, tank, websuit, hood, and gloves.
    Each package may require a $10 cleaning/security deposit. Please contact us a week in advance to confirm that the equipment is available.

  • 1 week BC and Reg $90.00
  • Midweek full gear $40.00
  • Weekend full gear - For 1 day $69.00
  • Weekend mask, fins, and snorkel $60.00
  • Weekend full gear $99.00